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Consultation Services

    Understanding senior care can be very difficult. Our advisors assist seniors and their families through the challenges that may arise. Below are a brief list of services we offer consultation on. Depending on your individual needs, we will work on a plan that fits your budget and individual situation. Our goal is to provide assistance by answering questions, offering suggestions, and sharing resources. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you.

Senior Living
Placement Assistance:
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Services* provided by our Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs):

  • Care site recommendations (home, senior living, etc.)

  • Driving considerations

  • Family meeting facilitation

  • Financial advisory

  • Identify care solutions to meet senior and family needs

  • Insurance coverage considerations

  • Legal considerations

  • Resources to assist with decision making

  • Senior living placement assistance (assisted living, memory care, rehab, etc.)

  • Small business employee benefits – We offer plans to help your staff

  • Social concerns and issues


Additional Services* provided by our Registered Nurses that are also Certified Senior Advisors (CSAs):

  • Care conferences with facilities and providers

  • Care qualifications for insurance

  • Help understanding Healthcare being provided (medical terminology, care, etc.)

  • Recommendations on questions to ask and items to follow up on

* Advisory services are meant to provide guidance to individuals and their families on potential next steps, healthcare information, and provide recommendations. Senior TLC is not aware of all the client’s individual care needs, is not a healthcare provider, and will not be held liable for decisions or care resulting from consultation. Senior TLC recommends the individual and family follow up with their healthcare providers, legal professionals, and insurance companies to validate information provided.

  • Senior living placement assistance (assisted living, memory care, rehab, ect.)
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