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    Personal and Companion Care are the primary services in the Home Care industry. It includes assistance with everyday activities to help those in need and helps seniors remain independent and families feel confident loved one’s needs are being met. Services we offer are companion care, personal care and consultation service. Below you will find details on our services offered.

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    Provides companionship and helps with some daily activities. This care offers the social and emotional support seniors so desperately need while allowing seniors to remain independent. This is considered "no-touch" care (hugs are ok though!).
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    Provides companion care along with personal "hands-on" care and assistance. Personal care takes into consideration activities of daily living such as bathing, toileting, etc. while also allowing seniors to maintain their dignity and increase their quality of life.


    Understanding senior care can be very difficult. Our advisors assist seniors and their families through the challenges that may arise. Below are a brief list of services we offer consultation on. Depending on your individual needs, we will work on a plan that fits your budget and individual situation. Our goal is to provide assistance by answering questions, offering suggestions, and sharing resources. Contact us to learn more about what we can do for you. 


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